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Long story short

Imprint Web Design started out in mid 2011 as a small website design and development company that catered to small and medium sized businesses. Today, we still remain a small website design and development company that caters to small and medium sized businesses. That is where we choose to be. We have found that the customers in this market are aware that they ‘should’ have a website but for one reason or another, never expanded their business presence on the internet. This is where Imprint Web Design shines. We cater to this demand. We love working with this type of customer. We are flexible and cost effective. We explain the entire process from beginning to end. We make it very clear for you to see that your business needs to have an online presence. We make it easy to realize you that you will see a return on your online investment. More and more customers use mobile devices to reach out to local businesses. This could be something as simple as checking on your store hours or finding your phone number or address. If you can’t be found by these customers, they will move on to businesses that DO have a website. Contact us today so we may work out a design project that works for you.

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Our Team

Richard O’Donnell
Owner, Imprint Web Design

A team of one? Yes, Imprint Web Design is single employee operation. We feel that the larger a company becomes, they start to loose sight of the details that a small business is looking for. We are very flexible and because of our low overhead, very competitive. We are what your business needs. Why do I keep saying we?

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Central New Jersey, USA


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